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Polos de acero galvanizado en caliente con brazo curvado

Información básica

Modelo: hot dip galvanized steel poles with curved arm

Descripción del producto

Especificaciones 1) Hecho del acero suave, galvanizado caliente de la inmersión
2) O con revestimiento en polvo
3) 5m-15m de altura
4) Cuadrado, octogonal, redondo
5) Menor costo



Shape of pole



Round conical; Octagonal tapered; Straight square; Tubular stepped;


Shafts are made of steel sheet folded into required shape and welded longitudinally by automaticarc welding machine.



Brackets/ Arm



Single or double brackets/ arms are in the shape and dimension as per customer's requirement.



Within 14m once forming without slip joint

Wall thickness



Outdoor illumination, Road illumination, Street illumination


It has past flaw testing, internal and external double welding makes the welding beautiful in shape. It confirms with the international welding standard of CWB.




Jointing poles with insert mode, innerflange mode, face to face joint mode


Hot dip galvanization with thickness of 80-100µm average in accordance with Chinese standardGB/T 13912-2002 or American standard ASTM A123, IS: 2626-1985.


Powder coating


Pure polyester powder painting, color is optional according to

RAL Color stardand.

Finishing 1


Black pole, rough pole


Finishing 2

Hot dip galvanizing antirust

Finishing 3


HDG. with powder coating


Temperature range

-35 °C~+45 °C

Wind Resistance

Aganist wind pressure of 160Km/h




According to GB/T 1591-1994

Base plate mounted

Base plate is square, octagonal or round in shape with slotted holes for anchor bolt and dimension as per customer’s requirement.

Ground mounted

The length buried underground as per customer’s requirement

Quality Control


We control the quality according to the flow of ISO9001-2008. Quality is employed at every stage of production to ensure the product compliance to the specifications/standards. Careful inspection is carried out by well trained inspection engineers at every defined stage from raw material to finished product and delivery. Prototype assembly of towers is carried out in the plant.



ISO9001-2008, SGS  Audited Supplier, The AAA grade certificate of goodwill

Tecnología Los polos de acero galvanizado por inmersión en caliente con brazo curvado de nuestra empresa están hechos de chapas calificadas mediante curvado, conformado, soldadura automática, galvanización por inmersión en caliente y revestimiento en polvo. Poseemos las líneas de producción avanzadas, incluyendo la máquina de flatting, el shearer de la placa de acero, la máquina de doblar, la máquina auto-cerrada para arriba, la máquina de soldadura de arco sumergida y la línea de la capa del polvo, y nuestro workmanship y control de calidad son pensamiento altamente de por nuestros clientes.

Nuestro equipo principal

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